About 5 Classical Element Acupuncture
"Loose your minds and come to your senses"
Prof. J.R. Worsley
The diagnostic foundation of Classical Five Element Acupuncture is the idea that each one of us has one Element that is both our strength and a challenge in our life, it is called the Causative Factor or CF. Read more about it Here
The Art of Diagnosis is to look, to listen, to hear and to feel.

Through this we can learn to distinguish between symptoms (e.g. head aches, poor sleep, anxiety, etc.) and the signs of a person distress through Colour, Sound, Odour and Emotion. Read more about it Here
This style is thought to have it origins in Han Dynasty thought when the ancient Chinese were emphasising the connection between nature, the 5 Elements and people.
Classical 5 Element Acupuncture is an ancient style of Acupuncture that aims to treat at the levels of Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit.
Although sharing much with modern Chinese Acupuncture it is very different in its aims, attitudes and ways of treating and touching a person spirit.
The 5 Elements and 12 main meridians are like parts of our personality. 

By observing nature, the 5 seasons and the natural laws the 5 Element Practitioner learns more about their patients, their art and of course..themselves.
Read about the 5 Elements, the 5 Seasons and the 12 meridians Here
There are certain blocks to treatment not currently taught in modern Chinese  Acupuncture. There range from the channel level to some of the most ancient ideas in Chinese Medicine

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