You can always notice when Late Summer arrives because people usually say with sadness that Summer is over but it is exactly the same temperature!  The high of Summer has given way to the pause of Late Summer.
The Five Elements in Nature
Next is the fifth season, Late Summer.  It is the shortest of the seasons, lasting maybe four to six weeks. 

It is that pause between the rising Elements of Wood and Fire and the descending Elements, Metal and Water.  It is the energy of Earth - Mother Earth. 
Late Summer is time of harvest, a time of plenty, of reaping what we have worked for throughout the year. The plants and animals have grown and produced the fruit of their labour. 

If our Earth is of good quality, like quality soil, we will have the ability to produce good food to nourish ourselves.
Late Summer and Earth
The Earth is about our feelings of stability. Think of the archetype of an Earth Mother - giving nourishing milk, having an abundance of compassion and care for its young, helping its young feel safe and protected, and giving them space to grow.
The Spleen - "The Official of Distribution" enables us to move Qi to each cell as it needs, to know that sustenance will be where we need it. Out of balance it can exibit in worry and over concern.
The Stomach is the "Official of Rotting and Ripening."

This is about our ability, to take things in, to nurture ourselves, to feel full and satisfied with the fruits of our harvest.

Here the feelings of neediness, loneliness emptyness reside.
Spring and Wood
Summer and Fire
Late Summer and Earth
Autumn and Metal
Winter and Water