Husband - Wife Imbalance
A Husband Wife Imbalance occurs when the Organs associated with the pulses on the left (Husband) side have lost harmony with the pulses of the right (Wife) side.
A Husband - Wife imbalance indicates a severe and deep imbalance between the energies of Yin and Yang, which if left untreated can be life threatening in some cases.
When this imbalance is present the right side pulses may be felt as hard and tight and the left side as weak and flaccid. There is both a difference in Quantity and Quality of the person's Qi.
Along with a definite difference in the left and right side pulses the patient may show strong symptoms in their spirit; such as extreme internal conflict, being or feeling deeply resigned or fearful, their mind may be in turmoil or physically they may have a life threatening disease.
To treat  a Husband - Wife Imbalance you will tonify bi-laterally, right side then left side and not retain the needles;

Bladder 67 - Transfer Qi from L.I. to Bladder (via Sheng using the Tonification points)
Kidney 7 - Transfer Qi from Lung to Kidney (via Sheng using the Tonification points)
Kidney 3 Transfer Qi from Spleen to Kidney (via Ke using the Earth points)
Liv 4 - Transfer Qi from Lung to Liver (via Ke using the Metal Points.
Using the Sheng and Ko cycle this will transfer energy from the Wife's side to the Husband putting the person back in control of their energy again.

You may then tonify Heart 7 and Small Intestine 4 to let the person's Supreme Controller (Heart) take charge of their energy again at the end of this treatment.

J.R. Worsley talking about a H/W Imbalance.