There are 365 main acupuncture points spaced all over the body.  These are the points that an acupuncturist will use in a regular treatment. 
Stomach 20.  “ Receive Fullness ”  This point is on one of the Earth meridians.  Earth people can feel a sense of emptiness and this can express through a feeling of neediness or loneliness.  Receive Fullness is the start of the healing, it helps them know that there is enough and satisfaction is available.
The Acupuncture Points
Kidney 7 “Returning Current” Water people can resemble both frozen or flooding water. This point helps maintain the balance, the harmony between these states. Reassures them that with a returning current there is safety, not just fear.
Below is five examples of the Acupuncture Points and their Spirits, one chosen from one of each of the Five Elements
Heart Protector 8 “Palace of Weariness” There are four Fire meridians each with their own feel. Fire people may exhibit both an excess and lack of joy. 

This Palace is like taking the person to Gods house to be fed, bathed and rested when they are sick of struggling.  This point fills them with Fire, warmth and love - it gives them the strength to flourish.

Each of the points has an ancient name that is very important part of Five Element Acupuncture.  Some of these names pertain to the point's location, most of them describe the "Spirit of the Point" or the particular healing energy available from that acupuncture point.
Lung 1 “Middle Palace” Metal is about purity, connection to the higher realms - the source of real self esteem. This point takes the patient to the heavenly palace where “God” resides, gives inspiration, vision and a sence of connection with all that is.
Liver 14 “Gate of Hope” Wood is about the future and the ability to plan and make decisions. Open the Gate of Hope when there is resignation, no plans, no growth - no hope for the future. This gate opens the way forward!