How acupuncture works..
Acupuncture works by affecting the quality of energy or Chi that flows through the twelve main and eight extra meridians of the body. 
These flows are assessed by feeling the quality of the twelve pulses.  These pulses are found near the radial artery on both the left and right wrist.  These flows are also assessed by careful observation of the person by the practitioner
On the twelve main meridians of energy that run through the body there are 365 main acupuncture points. 

If you consider the meridians as rivers of the body, the acupuncture points are like reservoirs that can flow into the rivers when needed. 

These points increase both the quality and quantity of energy that flows in these meridians.
For each treatment the acupuncturist will assess the blocks between the meridians and pick out specific acupuncture points for that
person on the day.

These points will be aimed at healing the person at the levels of
body, mind and spirit.
There are two basic techniques used in acupuncture to affect to flow of chi through the meridians. The first involves the insertion of very fine needles to release the chi of a particular point into the meridian and the body as a whole. 
The second technique is the use of a herb called Moxa.  Small cones of this herb are burnt resting on the skin to warm and supply energy to the acupuncture point.

Occasionally needles are left in to clear an over supply of energy.