Entry - Exit Blocks
The Entry Exit Bocks are;


Tonify Spleen 21 then Heart 1; left side then right

Small Intestine-Bladder

Tonify Small Intestine 19 then Bladder 1;
left side then right

Kidney / Pericardium

Tonify Kidney 22 then Pericardium 1
(2 on Woman);
left side then right
One of the main flows of energy is along the 12 channels following 24 hour clock. This is the energy that arrives at the Lung meridian and proceeds along the system in this order:

Lung to Colon to Stomach to Spleen to Heart to Small Intestine to Bladder to
Kidney to Heart Protector to Three Heater
to Gall Bladder to Liver.
Blocks can occur between elemental meridians pairs and these blocks of energy can be felt easily on the pulses.  An example would be you might feel that the Earth pair of pulses are full and the Heart / S.I. pair are empty. 

The full side of the block has a bulging or a slight percussive feel, as though it is a dam full of water, ready to burst. The empty side may feel hollow as though there is a pulse but no real substance to it or it is completely missing.
It is when all the energy is backed up behind one meridian pair and the next pair has none. When this happens, there is distress on both sides.

Imagine two villages on different sides of a large dam - one side in constant flood and other side with a constant lack of water. Neither getting their needs met and both in panic.
Clearing these blocks is simple. You tonify the Entry and Exit points of the meridians.  For example the Exit point of Spleen is Spleen 21 the Entry point of Heart is Heart 1. 

You would tonify the Exit Point of Spleen first on the left side of the body then the right. Next you would tonify the Entry Point of Heart left side of the body then the right.
When you have cleared all the blocks the person will noticeable relax, all the parts of them that have been held tight will let go, they may comment that they feel sore in certain parts of their bodies, for example their shoulders.

Sometimes emotion may come up at this point as they have moved out of a defensive position and can actually feel how they are feeling. It is important to support them through the emotion with some gentle breathing and let them know the emotion is normal and safe as they are letting go.
You can also get a major block between Ren/Du or CV/GV. This is a very important block to watch out for.  If there is a block between Conception Vessel and the Governor Vessel all the meridians and the pulses will feel like they are empty or there is no real energy in the system. It is like the CV and GV meridians are the seas that feed the rivers and being blocked - the rivers are empty or just trickling.
Three Heater - Gall Bladder

Tonify Three Heater 22 then Gall Bladder1; left side then right


Tonify Liver 14 then Lung 1;
left side then right


Tonify Large Intestine 20 then Stomach 1; left side then right


Tonify CV1 then CV 24; GV 1 then GV 28