The Seven Dragons

Possession;  One of the earliest styles of medical practice in Neolithic societies is what we would today call shamanism. This practice has continues to this day and it was from these shamanist arts that Chinese Medicine, as we know it today grew.
In most ancient cultures possession was described as someone who was partially or fully taken over by an outside spirit or Gui.  Since the cultural cleansing of China in the late 50s all notions of spirits have been purged from Chinese Medicine.

   Some of the things that can increase someone's vulnerability to possession are physical shocks or accidents, drug or alcohol use, engaging with the occult, opening themselves up to others, sexual abuse, or exposure to extreme climatic factors.
What does possession look like? It is a sense that you can not reach the person that some part of them is not available.  You may look into their eyes and they are not really there. It is like there is a veil over their eyes and you not reach them. The person may hear voices, have extreme dreams, actually say they feel possessed. The pulses are "unusual" and they may exhibit abnormal speech, thoughts or eye movement patterns.
The Seven Dragons are Ren 15M (the master point a teardrop below Ren 15) St25, St32 and St41

These 7 points are inserted right side then left in the order above. They are inserted deeply, to really engage with the Qi of the person, then given a hint of sedation. The needles have the look that they are
"at attention" in the body. 

They are retained or left in until there is a noticeable difference in the person the persons eyes or their pulses.

This difference is hard to describe until you have experienced it but you know you have the person 'back in the room' with you. You may occasionally need to repeat this treatment again as you move through layers of the possession.

In today's world we want to consider Possession as a block to treatment, a deep Shen disturbance. 
If someone is possessed - acupuncture treatment will not work!
In some styles of Chinese medicine the use of the 13 ghost points is used and can be useful for people with psychiatric conditions. 

In Classical 5 Element Acupuncture we use a treatment called the 7 Dragons.  This is a set of 7 points that are set in a pattern that reconnect the patient to them selves. It is like the seven beneficial dragons that patrol around the body and expel the demons that have taken up residence.